Cut gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% in 10 years




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Gun-related deaths between police and the public have risen steadily for at least the past six years, and 2022 is on the same trajectory

We must do something.

In 2021 in the U.S., 1,118 people — 1,054 civilians and 64 officers — lost their lives in gun-related incidents between police and the public, according to leading data sources. In response, Axon is rallying partners around a “moonshot” goal to cut gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% in 10 years.

It won't be easy.

These losses reflect a complex set of issues, and the impact on families and loved ones, communities, and our country as a whole is felt deeply and daily. We will need new ideas, new technologies, new training procedures, new policies, and even new regulations to guide the way.

Together, we can protect life.

We are calling on our own team members, leaders of the law enforcement profession, community organizations, technology companies, elected officials and others representing the best ideas to support and achieve this goal.

In short, we need a movement behind the mission to collectively develop realistic, research-based and responsible solutions to cut all gun-related deaths between police and the public in half by 2033.



civilian fatalities


gun-related deaths between police and the public in 2021

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officer fatalities

“Through a shared commitment to research, dialogue, innovation and implementation, we believe we can become greater than the sum of our parts to protect life. This is not Axon's moonshot. This is our moonshot.”

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